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Good game, I juts wish there was a restart button, because sometimes I click and the golf ball goes so slow, and I have to wait so long for it to crash so that I can have another go.


There is! Press space to immediately prepare the next shot.

(Parece ser que hablas español así que lo escribiré en español...) Es un muy buen juego, es simple y muy bien hecho, el diseño de niveles esta bastante bien y con una dificultad elevada pero no imposible, muy buen juego :)


Gracias por jugar, me alegro de que te haya gustado!

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I love this!

Thank you for playing :)

deberia haber un sistema de guardado de partida :(

Gracias por jugar! Normalmente se pueden completar todos los niveles de una sentada en menos de una hora, por eso no le metí guardado :p

It relaxes me and challenges me at the same time, a great job, I am hopelessly hooked on your game c:

This game is good the difficulty and the mechanics contrast well the feeling when you win a level is just sp satisfying the simplicity of the graphic and music are good for anyone on a device with poor performance also i think this game would have a gret port to ios and android if given the opportunity!

Hi men the game i present me a problem in the level 11 the game bug after 'x' shots can be a error for my PC 

Hey. Can you be more specific? What happens exactly? Did you play in your browser or did you download the game?

The art and atmosphere are good, but it's too difficult. I don't know if you added a secret tutorial, but you're introducing new things too quickly. I made it to hole 4, knowing that the small grey rock can bend your trajectory. However, it didn't bend it enough and I didn't understand what the purple striped area does.

Sorry to hear that! The purple area is an ordinary obstacle, it makes you fail the shot so you have to use the planet's gravity to reach the black hole. It's just a matter of using the right power and direction. The game can be difficult sometimes, but eventually you can beat even the hardest level. Hope you give it another shot :)


Hey, love the atmosphere of this game. How'd you create the music? I'm new to music production but I've noticed what a huge impact it can have on atmosphere so any advice you've got on the subject would be appreciated. 


Hey there! I'm a newbie too. I used Ableton Live for the music and the SFX. I had some ideas for the song, watched a couple of tutorials and the rest was just messing around with the program for hours. I'd say find some chords you like and build the song around them? Websites like this one can help a lot.


For this weeks Itch Dot Io Indie we answer the age old question 'What would happen if we played golf... in space'

Well with Cactusmancer's title 'Void Golf' we can finally know what it's like to fire our asteroid (golf  balls are so 2019) into the deep depths of space; and track trajectories across the stars.

Like all great puzzle games mechanics you'll be smugly assured that you understand how everything fits together, and then 20 minutes later you'll be questioning your very sanity on how to properly navigate around planetary orbits to intercept black holes.

I may have lost my sanity but I loved every moment <3


Wow this is amazing! I honestly didn't expect anything like this. Void Golf is my first game so this means a lot. Glad you liked it :)


I loved it!!!!

Glad you liked it!


i got super far. its very unique and the ambiance is perfect.